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Fistfuls of dice

Fistfuls of Dice #1

’ve got dice on the brain. It seems like anyone who is into RPG design, or RPG’s in general, is into dice. Probably the busiest stalls at GenCon the Bins o’ Dice. This shows off some of the physical qualities we like about dice, the shapes, colors and textures because they have a certain feel….

A stone brick wall


f you have been playing RPG’s for very long you have probably tried more than Dungeons and Dragons. Some games that you’ve tried have likely inspired your campaigns in new directions while others left you confused and frustrated. At some point I’ll discuss the former type of game and gaining inspiration but this time I’m…

Discard Torch


Writing an RPG is hard work. Well, designing in general is hard work. I don’t say that to gather sympathy, I say it to encourage those who are lighting their own torch. Over the last few years I have recorded many ideas in Google Drive. Some for tabletop games and some for video games. Some…

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